TEXTnology clients include emerging companies as well as Fortune 100 corporations. Reviews of TEXTnology-documented products have consistently yielded high praise with documentation awards of the highest scores.

TEXTnology remains committed to a tradition of quality, cost-effective solutions that contribute to each client's competitive edge.
Abaco Systems Specialty software for consumer markets.
Adra Systems Mainstream engineering software including design drafting, solid modeling, and numerical control programming. See Softech.
Agfa Photographic and electronic imaging systems for pre-press.
Aimtech (Asymetrix Learning Systems) Multimedia-based training software.
Ambridge True Value Policies and procedures for hardware store employees.
American Power Conversion (APC) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products designed to prevent blackouts, brownouts, sags, and surges from reaching computers and other valuable electronic equipment for business networks, access provider networks, home networks, and data centers and facilities.
Animation Science 3D animation and visual simulation software.
Balzers Vacuum and surface technology including measurement, leak testing, residual gas analysis, and process monitoring.
Bortech Automated borewelding equipment for repairing worn bores by providing continual MIG torch rotation by a portable device that can be mounted to the part that is to be repaired.
Catholic Charities Organization-internal software for marketing applications.
Computervision Desktop and enterprise-wide product development (CAD/CAM) software and services.
Creare Applied research, engineering design, numerical simulation, mechanistic analysis, large-scale testing, model studies, computer software development, and data acquisition systems serving diverse industries ranging from aerospace to biomedical to semiconductors.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Accounting firm of the Department of Defense (DoD) developed to:
  • Pay active duty and reserve military personnel, DoD civilians, contractors, and vendors.

  • Improve the effectiveness of DoD financial management through consolidation, standardization, and integration of finance and accounting procedures, operations, and systems.

  • Identify and implement finance and accounting requirements, systems, and functions for appropriated and non-appropriated funds as well as working capital, revolving funds, and trust fund activities.
Dialogic High performance open computer telephony systems and services that enable partners to develop solutions for the converging voice and data networks. Dialogic products are used in voice, fax, data, speech recognition, call center management and Internet Protocol (IP) telephony applications in both customer premise equipment (CPE) and public network environments.
Diocese of Manchester Operational and financial software systems.
DuPont Printing & Publishing Pre-press systems for the printing industry incorporating graphic arts film, color proofing, and printing plates.
Dynamics Research (DRC) Complex computer and communications-intensive information systems as well as engineering, logistics, and management support services for various branches of the U.S. military and other federal agencies.
ECCO Footwear for work, leisure, and festive occasions designed and constructed with uncompromising attention to the comfort of the users.
EADmotors High performance motors including stepping motors, brushless DC motors, AC motors, AC/DC motors, fans, and blowers.
Fair Oaks Publishing Company Office procedures and accounting manuals for small, emerging businesses.
Franchise Consulting Group Marketing, sales, legal, and procedural consulting for the design, funding, and establishment of commercial franchises.
Frontrunner Sales and consulting for natural health products.
Genifer Sales automation software tools to build dynamically customized proposals, integrate a contact and sales leads manager, and build Knowledge Bases using a user-oriented language.
GSI Lumonics Dynamic mirror positioning components and subsystems for industrial, medical, imaging, and laboratory markets requiring fast, precise laser and optical beam delivery and image transmission.
HMIS Cemetery Software Cemetery and combination cemetery/mortuary software (including an AutoCAD-based mapping module) for the death care industry.
Howtek Desktop drum and flatbed scanners for the graphic arts, life sciences, and medical x-ray markets.
IBM: Lotus Development
(Freelance Graphics)
Creation and delivery of highly effective presentation graphics.
icomXpress Integrated document management and workflow software for groupware applications.
ImagiTex See DuPont Printing & Publishing.
Immersive Design Animation and web publishing solutions that allow communication of 3D product information for downstream applications including interactive assembly, maintenance and repair documentation, product catalogs, and product presentations.
Intelligent Controlsystems Artificial intelligence systems for shop floor production control.
Keyfile Integrated document management and workflow software for groupware applications. See icomXpress.
Koch HighTex High strength, flexible plastics in the construction industry particularly in connection with building design.
MatrixOne Enterprise Product Data Management (PDM) software focused on information lifecycles and effective management of complex data, organizations, and processes.
MKS Instruments Gas management instrumentation serving markets that depend on advancements in material science and processing to improve products ranging from sophisticated semiconductors to industrial tool coatings.
MPM Automated circuit printer hardware.
Nestor Intelligent software solutions for problems in risk management, automated control, and computer-aided data entry.
Education Services
Certified Novell Salesperson certification mastery test and training products:
  • "Understanding Novell Solutions"
    Self-study series focused on solution-selling and solving customers' business problems using Novell solutions.

  • "Selling Novell Solutions" and "Novell Enterprise Solutions"
    Sales training products that teach the trainee how to package, position, sell, compete, and succeed with Novell products.
Numa Integrator for nuclear medicine, providing computer network connectivity in nuclear medicine departments and tele-nuclear solutions for remote locations. DICOM compatible solutions include multi-vendor connectivity with image file translation, gamma camera acquisition systems, and image display stations.
Placement Technology Multi-user database management software specifically for placement agencies, search firms, and in-house human resource departments.
Profitime Time accounting, billing, and tax preparation software templates for use with Lotus 1-2-3.
Reeds Ferry Small Buildings Small buildings (hand-built by New Hampshire craftsmen) that are pre-fabricated for easy access to property and on-location assembly.
Resource Management Systems Portfolio optimization for investment analysis.
SKY Computers Board-level, desktop, and chassis-based supercomputer application accelerators.
Softech Engineering software including computer-aided design/drafting, solid modeling, and numerical control programming.
Synermation Intersystem database software used to transfer information between mainframes, workstations, and personal computers.
Westmoreland Management Resources Management, sales, and marketing analysis consulting for retail operations.
Wishpets Plush products designed for every day as well as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas with categories such as children’s accessories, seasonal, nautical, bears, dogs and cats, and forest.
Yankee Printer Digital and offset printing capabilities as well as graphics management, seamless methods of electronic transfer and file manipulation, and a full range of electronic pre-press services.
Zuken America Schematic circuit design and PCB layout CAD/CAM design systems for UNIX and Windows platforms.
Zydacron Windows desktop videoconferencing from home or office.

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