Successful documentation begins with a team of resources for any or all tasks: from project planning through production.

Collaborating Resources

A TEXTnology team of experienced professionals can provide any documentation resource you may need. TEXTnology's thorough approach will enable your customers to experience the full potential of your product.

You can achieve optimal results quickly with the services of the best documentation team. With TEXTnology, best implies:

Each TEXTnology specialist draws from the knowledge and advice of all other team members. When you enlist the services of TEXTnology, you enlist the services of the entire company.

Product A may be nine tenths as good as Product B. If A costs eight tenths as much as B, and performance tolerance is sufficient, then A is preferable. Comparable options are not open in the hiring of a key executive. Even at a lower price, nine tenths as good as the best is like swimming nine tenths of the way across the English Channel. The principles to apply to the purchase of a personal service are those that apply to the hiring of a person; they are not the principles that apply to the purchase of a good.

      Wittreich, Warren J., "How to Buy/Sell Professional Services,"
     Harvard Business Review, Vol. 44 (March/April 1966), p. 132.

Your TEXTnology team will analyze your needs, develop a strategy, and implement the plan for success.

Project Management

A TEXTnology project manager will guarantee your documentation success by:

TEXTnology is ready to assemble and manage a team to meet your objectives.   

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