Documentation has a significant influence on the success or failure of any product. Many prospective customers will develop impressions of your company and products from various types of documentation.

Support and User Guides Concept books, installation and configuration guides, tutorials, technical references, glossaries, and indexes.
Electronic Information Help system designs (including programmed context-sensitivity), computer-based training, and presentations.
Marketing Materials Brochures, product overviews, data sheets, executive summaries, annual reports, newsletters, and industry reports.
Multimedia "Events" Complete multimedia packages, animations, and instructional videos.
Web Sites Designs, graphics, scripts, dynamic HTML and XML, document templates, and session templates.
User Interface Elements Icons, menus, dialogs, and messages.

Any documentation form yields success when it provides:

All TEXTnology documents are designed, developed, and internationalized for your target audiences.

Customized Results

TEXTnology stresses flexibility rather than relying on a predetermined set of rules. TEXTnology does not generate mass-produced tomes, machine translations, clip art, or "canned" scripts. There are no standard formulas. We carefully assemble a team of experts to deliver a product that is exactly tailored to your needs and those of your audience:

[Too often] what is sold are the characteristics of [a documentation] service rather than its consequences ... The fact of the matter is that [documentation] problems should come first and methods of solving them should come second. Unfortunately, current practice bends it the other way around: the firm selling a technique invariably twists the problem to fit the technique. However, with those individuals who stress flexibility of methodological approach, rather than fixation upon methodological approach, discussion of method can and does provide a basis for coming to grips with a substantive problem.

      Wittreich, Warren J., "How to Buy/Sell Professional Services,"
     Harvard Business Review, Vol. 44 (March/April 1966), p. 132.

TEXTnology works with you to clearly define your goals. We are prepared to get your job done.   

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