TEXTnology Translation and Localization extends your existing materials to international markets. With a combination of technical expertise, native-language skills, and teamwork, TEXTnology offers complete European and Asian language support for your printed materials and software.

TEXTnology translators offer more than a college degree and technical skill. Your target language is the "first" language of the translators assigned to your project. With training in computer, business, legal, financial, engineering, and bio-medical applications, TEXTnology translators understand the information they translate.

The foundation of your international marketing and documentation is a dictionary of technical and common terms which evolves throughout your translation project.

The end result is a product, service, or document that is truly globalized enabling the foreign user to fully realize product features with documentation and help files that read as if they were originally written in the target language.

TEXTnology can help you increase market share globally, enabling you to simultaneously release your product or service in multiple languages.

Our solution is to bridge the gap between where you are now
and the goals you intend to reach.
TEXTweb Team


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