TEXTnology Writing: Web Sites

A successful Web site unfolds into a unique presentation of access-friendly information. Concise and organized writing entices a response from both the casual browser and information seeker.

Within a TEXTweb team, writers work with designers, graphic artists, and engineers to create a complete, interactive Web site.

Planning an Approach

All TEXTweb site development stems from three basic goals:

A TEXTweb team is ready to leverage your site to its maximum potential. Your team will work with a key assumption to drive the development of your Web design:

All levels (tiers) of presentation will unfold from a TEXTnology-created design or from your existing Web design. This will ensure consistency and instant recognition of your corporate and product names.

Meeting Your Objectives

Unlike simple page-to-page movement within a printed document, a Web design warrants a unique style definition that reflects the dynamic characteristics readily available to your audience. Your TEXTweb Team will create the optimal Web layout from which to create templates:

TEXTweb teams avoid browser-unique features available only to a limited set of users (unless you specify otherwise).

Delivering Results

Once a TEXTweb team develops each Web site page, electronic and printed versions of HTML files with a sample of the resulting Web display are submitted for your review and final approval. Then, team members will work with you to facilitate your site operation.

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