TEXTnology Design Graphics: Seminars

TEXTnology seminars provide beginning and advanced hands-on, personalized instruction. Email info@textcorp.com or call our toll-free number 800.860.8398 for information about seminars and specialized training programs.
DG-102 Looking Good in Print Produce attractive, effective manuals, brochures, newsletters, and correspondence. Determine how to useónot abuseódesign elements such as typography, size, white space, rules, borders, and placement.
DG-103 Untangling Web Page Design Creative an attractive and "successful" Web page by carefully designing for your audience. Learn how to use graphic files while considering display time, color, and placement. Your text will have the greatest impact with appropriate graphics and overall page design.
PP-101 Tools of the Trade Select the best documentation tools for your needs and goals. Consider basic questions for big decisions: PC or Mac? Word processing or desktop publishing? Drawing or painting?
PP-102 Preparing Files for the Printer Pre-press technicians and printers are aware of the idiosyncracies of their equipment and presses. Learn to work with your vendor to determine the most effective way to create the electronic files used to transform your documents to paper.
PP-103 Specialized Application Training Learn to use your word processing, desktop publishing, and graphics applications in a practical way from people who use it every day.

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