TEXTnology: Mission

Documentation, as described by TEXTnology, is any form of printed or electronic matter used to present specific information to target audiences in any language.

Product success is directly related to how well its documentation enables the user to easily understand and fully utilize product features and functionality.

Too often, though, the reader is left with the feeling that "something is missing." Generally, this feeling is caused by poor ineffective design, poor writing, ambiguoug graphics, or incorrect translation. The material lacks the correct meaning, substance, direction, or visual appeal for the target audience and culture.

All TEXTnology documents are prepared for your audience and, when translated, read as if they were created in the target language.

TEXTnology offers customized services to deliver successful documentation. Rather than presenting you with a stack of résumés, we work closely with you to build a TEXTnology Documentation Team. In this way, we accomplish your documentation goals and guarantee the quality of our work. When updates are necessary in the future, your TEXTnology team will be ready to meet your requirements—without repeated product training.

All TEXTnology documentation is based on three basic elements:

Specialized Services tailor all-inclusive or selected team skills to match your requirements.

Teamwork enables TEXTnology to attain results through collective knowledge and experience. Project management guarantees the quality of those results and monitors work flow to reach your milestones.

Precise Documentation ensures delivery of accurate and consistent materials for instant recognition of critical information.

TEXTnology will achieve your customized documentation objectives while maintaining flexibility.

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