A Note About Templates

A TEXTweb team develops dynamic document templates to:

Combine a graphical "look and feel"
with your corporate style and image
and present the information during a Web session.

We utilize tools such as dynamic HTML and the rapidly evolving XML standard to deliver structured information on the Web. And, at a development level, a TEXTweb Team ensures that each template is easy to implement and maintain.

In addition to document templates, a TEXTweb team can craft a model of your corporate image to:

Build a profile of a Web session and capture information requested by a person viewing your Web site,
combine this information with a graphical "look and feel" as well as your corporate style and image
and present the information to the viewer based on that individual's preferences.

Creation of a dynamic session template is based on cutting-edge technology and involves considerable programming. TEXTnology can present a proposal for this type of development, upon your request.

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