On-Line Help and Electronic Books

For conventional software applications, users demand on-line assistance. TEXTnology writers create electronic product introductions, traditional context-sensitive help, computer-based training packages, and complete electronic books. The most common approaches are:

TEXTnology can readily maintain both printed and electronic output of your documentation. Rather than abandoning all traditional printed book support, we generate and compile printable documents in addition to a help system.

Planning an Approach

With both printed and electronic documentation, a primary development factor is the ability to move smoothly from text and graphics files to an on-line presentation.

The key goal for a TEXTnology on-line help project is to:

A TEXTnology team is ready to develop either HTML or Windows help. Or, we can develop a combination of both. Prior to making this decision, we offer research findings and observations: On-Line Help Research

On-line help of any type should be a dynamic presentation of information. TEXTnology develops on-line help to include:

For subsequent releases, you can distribute revised help files as part of the new software, bypassing the lead time required for printed documents.

Meeting Your Objectives

Most on-line help projects involve a customized, incremental flow of tasks. For example, when creating a Windows help system, we will:

Context-sensitive access (an optional feature with on-line help) involves changes to your software. TEXTnology software developers can assist by writing code and assigning unique context IDs. Our developers will work with your team to ensure successful integration. Or, your developers can complete all coding and simply inform our writers of the unique IDs.

Delivering Results

TEXTnology delivers a "complete" on-line help system, including all integrated files.


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