Web Site Designs

Your Web site should communicate your total company—information beyond your overview and product descriptions. It requires the teamwork of a designer, writer, and engineer to create a dynamic marketing tool that organizes your evolving information.

TEXTnology provides complete Web development through the talents of a TEXTweb Team. Within each TEXTweb Team, designers and graphic artists work with writers and engineers to create a complete, interactive Web site.

Planning an Approach

All TEXTweb site development stems from three basic goals:
  1. Design the optimal Web layout with graphic elements for corporate and product information.

  2. Create templates to facilitate easy integration of information in electronic format and smooth generation of resulting HTML and graphics files.

  3. Provide an effective method for quick and easy formatting as well as distribution of template information.

A TEXTweb Team is ready to leverage your site to its maximum potential. Your Team will work with a key assumption to drive the development of your Web design:

All levels (tiers) of presentation will unfold from a TEXTnology-created design or from your existing Web design. This will ensure consistency and instant recognition of your corporate image and product names.

Meeting Your Objectives

Unlike simple page-to-page movement within a printed document, a Web design warrants a unique style definition to reflect the dynamic characteristics readily available to your audience. Your TEXTweb Team will create the optimal Web layout from which to create templates:

TEXTweb Teams avoid browser-unique features available only to a limited set of users (unless you specify otherwise).

Delivering Results

Once a TEXTweb Team develops each Web site page, electronic and printed versions of HTML files with a sample of the resulting Web display are submitted for your review and final approval. Then, Team members will work with you to facilitate your site operation.


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