Book and Packaging Designs

Your marketing and sales strategy is reflected in each book and product package. A strong corporate image is emphasized through selective copy, design, typography, and illustration. There are generally two approaches to defining and creating a documentation style that is coordinated with your corporate image:

Our goal is to create an overall, unique but consistent impression of your company as a highly polished corporate image conveyed through your documentation.

Although your documentation style should be consistent with other materials familiar to the user, your documentation audience will clearly identify your product as valuable.

Corporate Identity

The objective of a properly designed corporate identity is the accurate visual presentation of your company's unique personality. Your identity should provide value over time. It should be:

Documentation Design

The objective of a properly designed documentation design is the accurate visual display of your marketing and sales strategy for all products.

Meeting Your Objectives

The tasks involved in defining a corporate identity are:

  • Gather information and establish design criteria based on comprehensive market research, your sales strategy, competitor analyses, consultation with your personnel, and your conveyed problems-to-solve.
  • Establish a plan of action based on desired image and communication objectives.
Developing Concepts
  • Present visual solutions to achieve the desired image and meet the prescribed criteria.
  • Integrate the identity designs to link all products.
  • Create at least three schematic applications. These are directional designs to demonstrate specific advantages of varying approaches (such as a product-directed design versus an application/audience-directed design.
  • Recommend color schemes and secondary typography.
Developing Designs
  • Explore and refine the accepted design.
  • Present applications to multi-product book jackets, box packaging, CD booklet jackets, and all other applicable business documents.
  • Finalize all related art direction including photography, typography, copywriting, and other design elements.
Implementing a Design
  • Create press-ready film for each applicable based on your accepted design.
Developing a
Standards Guide
  • Document the management-endorsed design policy.
  • Define the rules governing proper usage of the design elements including production materials for graphics.
  • Include the presentation specifications for all book designs and product packaging.
  • Document the implementation procedures, dimensions, and colors to be used for your identity.

Delivering Results

TEXTnology delivers all designs as mechanicals and electronic files ready for multicopy printing. Your Documentation Standards Guide is provided both as a printed book and electronic files.

Finally, we can work with your selected/approved production vendor during any documentation project to ensure quality reproduction.   

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